Program Searching & Admission

(Career Clarity + Admission Assistance)

Fill up and explore thousands of programs in Canada.
Remember, choose what makes you happy!
Start your
college admission now!!

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(Small live group coaching + online course DIY study permit + templates, etc)

Be mentored by Mc in career clarity, program searching, choosing the province, preparing your finances, study plan creation, organizing your documents.

The program is given live because I know every individual is different - there are different ways to go to Canada. The online course is created based on the challenges of my students. This is customized program to help you succeed in Canada.

Bonus: get the chance to connect with other professionals in Canada to avoid the rookie mistakes of aspiring students. 

Yes, I NEED this!

Study Plan

Think and envision your life in Canada. SLE will help you plan out your career, and get a winning study plan! Get two sets of eyes, and be paired with successful DIY Intl students in Canada with excellent creative writing skills


GCMS Notes +

Electronic Case Notes delivered right
to your email as Issued by IRCC. Delivery time: 30-40 days