After securing your Letter of Acceptance from the school then now it's the time to gather the documents for your study permit. The CIC website is also a great tool to start. You will see tons of information on how to apply. However, you might be overwhelmed by their information.  My case was a bit difficult, I worked overseas and my studies and work experience were different. I had a lot of red flags that could lead to a visa rejection. I have read in a lot of forums and CAIPS notes during my study permit application and now I am sharing it with you! In this article, we will make it easy as we go through all the requirements. Submitting complete supporting documents will speed up your application and avoid delays or visa rejections. Please be guided through my journey as I get my student permit:

1. Complete Application Forms

Forms will vary if you're a single applicant, family, or common law. Here are the forms I used as a single applicant:

*CIC might change the forms from time to time. Please ensure that you are using the most up to date form. It also depends on where the applicant is applying from (outside Canada or inside Canada). These forms are for the person applying from outside of Canada.

2. Application Receipt (IRCC)

Remember to include a copy of your receipt with your application. Again, the total amount will vary if you are applying as a single or a family. I have here the link on how to pay for your application if you're applying from the Philippines.

3. Personal documents (Photo, Birth Certificate & Passport)

This will include your photo, birth certificate, and passport copy. The passport must have been issued within the last 10 years, must be in a good shape and have at least 2 empty pages. We suggest renewing your passport if the current validity is less than the intended stay. Ensure that you have the photos taken by professionals because there is a specific size for a study permit application (paper-based). Tell the photographer the purpose of the photo and they will be able to give the correct photo format. You also need to scan your passport back to back so they can see all the travel stamps. In my case, I had to include my old passport because of my old travel stamps. The visa officer needs to see the stamps to check if you have stayed somewhere more than six (6) months. For example, I worked in Dubai for 6 years then they can verify this in my residents permit stamped on my passport. They asked for an additional document like the criminal background check from Dubai, UAE. Lastly, please include a certified true copy of your birth certificate.

4, School Documents (LOA & Deposit Receipt)

You need to include your "Letter of Acceptance (LOA)" that you have received from the institution. You may also want to include the receipt paid for the deposit, course curriculum, and tuition fee schedule and fees. The course curriculum will help the visa officer to determine if you chose the right program for yourself. If you have paid your first semester then it's important to include the receipt because it will significantly affect the proof of funds (show money). You may also include your certified true copy of your College diploma and transcript from the Philippines but this is optional.

5. Proof of Funds

Request for a four months' bank statement and bank certificate. The bank statement must show the applicant’s name, and be stamped and signed by the bank’s representative. Please note that cash will not be accepted as proof of funds. You do not need to have a billion dirhams/pesos account for you to be able to get a visa. The bank statement will only serve as proof that you have a regular income and you have sufficient funds to cover 1-year tuition fee and 1-year costs of living. The longer you stay the higher the funds you need as proof. Basically, the calculation is as per below:​

Single applicant:1 year cost of living = $10,000 (standard for student applicant)

1 year tuition fee = $12,000 (it varies per program)


Total maintaining fund for four (4) months is $22,000​I

f you're applying for the whole family, please check this link for total proof of fund per family size.

In addition to the bank statement and bank certificate, you may also include your investment certificates. However, some investment certificates cannot be liquified right away therefore cannot be used as proof of funds. Nevertheless, you may include it on top of the bank statement and bank certificate. I have included two investment certificates in my application.

6. Study Plan (SOP)

You need to create your SOP (Purpose of Study or Study Plan) as detailed as possible. This will explain everything from your career and educational background to future plans after study. This letter is a huge factor to get visa approval.  If you have any red flags, you have the chance to explain this in your letter. Pages will vary, but mostly it will be from 1 to 2 pages. I have posted another article on how to create a strong SOP. Hence, I have here the standard format:

  • Introduction about yourself

  • Education background

  • Employment background  or work experience

  • Why did you decide to study in Canada?

  • Why this Canadian school and program?

  • How will you support your studies?

  • Travel history

  • Home ties (if you have properties or family in your home country)

  • Your goals after completing your studies in CanadaClosing remarks

Tips: be concise and direct with your study plan. Limit the letter from 1 to 2 pages as much as possible. Also, get someone with strong English skills to polish your study plan.

7. Criminal Background Check

As mentioned in point #3, you will need to submit the police clearance from your home country and in countries where you have stayed for more than six (6) months. In my case, I submitted one from the Philippines (NBI clearance) and one from Dubai, UAE.

8. Employment documents

This will be your employment certificate stating the designation, date of employment, salary, purpose of visit and of course stamped. You can also attach your payslips of the last 4 months as your supporting document. If you have a business, then you have to include your business license or permit or whatever document that can prove that you're the sole owner.

9. Home ties

Home ties are important to establish especially for temporary visa holders. You need to provide some reasons that you will actually go home to your country after finishing your program. This will include your properties, business (if applicable), and family members. You may need to provide some proofs such as the deed of sale for your property, business certificates/license, birth certificates and residency card of your family members.

10. Medical / Biometrics

Medical and biometrics will vary from country to county. Check this link to see if you need to get a medical/biometrics or not.

Medical - click this link

Biometrics -

Here are the documents I submitted (Single Applicant)

Visa Instruction (IMM 5814E)

Document Checklist (IMM 5483E)

Student Application (IMM 1294E)

Family Information form (IMM 5645E)

Statutory Declaration of Common Law (IMM 5409E)

Use of Representative Form (IMM 5476E)

Application Fee Receipt (IRCC)

New & Old Passport Copy (Cover to Cover)

Original Passport (New & Old)

PhotosVFS Consent Form

Application Fee Receipt (CVAC)

Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Course CurriculumTuition Fee Schedule and other fees

Receipt of Payment (Deposit)

Bank Certificate – BPI & Mashreq

Bank Statement – BPI & Mashreq (6 months)

Passbook Copy – Bank of the Philippine Islands (1 year)

Investment CertificatesPersonal Study Plan (3 pages)

Residence Visa & Identity Card

Birth Certificate & Certificate of No Marriage

Diploma/TOR/English Certificate (College & High School)

Tenancy Contract (Dubai)

NBI Clearance (Philippines)

Police Clearance (Dubai)

Employment Certificate (Current Employer only)

Pay Slip (Current Employer only)

Contract to Sell (Property)

Birth Certificate & Visa copy (Family members)

Travel stamps

Photos (Common Law)

Life Insurance – Beneficiary file record (Common law)


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