SLE Planner now opens its ultimate Bootcamp for Newly Graduates on their International Student Journey in Canada.


Our Bootcamp is specifically designed for students who graduated in the last 3 years. We are reaching out to encourage aspiring international students to pursue their dreams. We are here to guide Fresh Graduates in every step of their journey as international students.

#1 Program Advising with student mentor

Undergo our overall assessment for program advising. Students are evaluated according to their educational background and career path for choosing a program that fits them. Free Program Advising is a scheduled Interactive Live Streaming.

#2 School Application with SLE

SLE Team will assist the student to secure a Letter of Acceptance by coordinating with Colleges, Universities and Secondary Schools in partnership with SLE. List of requirements will be provided to students upon obtaining the Letter of Acceptance.

#3 Join the Bootcamp &  Apply for Student Visa (100% DIY)

Settle LOA Deposit and register to SLE FREE BOOTCAMP. Reserve a slot to enter SLE FREE BOOTCAMP with 6-Day training of step by step process of the Student Visa Application. (Terms and Conditions may apply).

✔ If you are 18 to 27 years of age
✔ You are Legally Single
You graduated in the past 3 years
You meet the minimum total Proof of Funds (at least 40K to 45K CAD)
You have a sponsor with established Proof of Income and can provide supporting legal documents
You settled the Tuition Fee Deposit under SLE Planner as School Representative
100% DIY Visa Submission

NOTE: Pre-Enrollment (Registration non-refundable – 75$), Bootcamp Registration Reservation Fee of 200$ (Refundable or consumable thru copywriting or file compression)

Study Plan Group
Preparing your Proof of Funds & home ties
and Medical
GC Key
Application Creation
IMM Forms
(1294E, Family Info, Schedule 1)
Organizing your documents (General list of docs)

Disclaimer: We do not represent the student, and will not give legal advice, boot camp is a free service. If the student have a complicated case, we either enroll them to our 1:1 coaching or rather refer to an immigration consultant. Also, we don't  write the study plan for the student; we only provide writing guidelines.

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