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Our Bootcamp is specifically designed for students who graduated in the last 3 years aged 18-27 years old. We are reaching out to encourage aspiring international students to pursue their dreams. We are here to guide Fresh Graduates in every step of their journey as international students.

Testimonials of our SLE MEMBERS who got an approval!

You don't have to be alone in this journey, join us now, be part of the SLE WALL OF SUCCESS!

"SLE really helped us to polish our study plans by removing unnecessary words or statement that could help the visa officer find loopholes in it. They have also made sure that our SOP will result up in a very favorable outcome - and it did! Ending spiel: “Hi Mc! You are part of our victory. We made it! This is the best Christmas gift ever! SP and OWP approval before end of 2020! We are still at cloud nine. We appreciate all your support and advise, even up-to the smallest details of our application. Can’t wait to see you at BC!”"

Elmo Castillo
Northern Lights College

"Successful DIYer here SP and OWP both approved for January intake2021 . You helped us to get LOA from NC welland, so thankful for that. I always follow and watch your videos which helped us a lot to learn more about some concerning issues about the student pathway. How I wish I could see you in person and thank you personally. Keep creating informative videos and I will keep on watching your vlogs. Stay beautiful in and out, be safe always and God bless you more. Again, thank you so much."

Jennifer Millan
Niagara College

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