Mentor - How to Use

Effective date: October 29, 2023


1. How to set up your account

Getting Started with the SLE Planner App: 

  1. Log In: Begin your journey by accessing the SLE app. Visit and log in to your account using your designated credentials:
  2. Link Calendly Schedule: To ensure a seamless mentoring experience, it's crucial to properly set up your calendar through Follow these steps:
  • Update your schedule with your availability.
  • Link your Google Meet or Zoom account to your Calendly for virtual meetings.
  • Set the duration for mentoring sessions to 60 minutes.
  • Link your Calendly scheduling link to your "Mentor Dashboard." 

2. How to accept mentorship

  1. Approval of Mentorship: When a student is interested in mentorship, they will send a request through the app. You will receive an email notification to log in to the app.
  • You need to approve or decline the student's mentorship request.
  • The student will transfer 40 credits. Once transferred, a chat box will open to engage with the student.
  1. Booking Meetings: Students will schedule mentorship calls with you through Calendly.

You will receive a notification regarding the scheduled meeting. Calenly is linked to the chatbox.

  1. Confirming Meetings: It's important to communicate with the student to confirm the meeting.

Share the meeting link before the scheduled session for a smooth connection.

3. Payout and Withdrawal from your account

  1. Payout and Withdraw: Visit the "Mentor Dashboard" to request a withdrawal of your earnings.
  • You should make this request at the end of each month.
  • Each credit is equivalent to $1, meaning 40 credits equal $40.
  • The payout is structured as follows: 75% goes to the mentor, and 25% serves as a SLE platform fee 
  • Payments will be sent via e-transfer, and you will receive an email notification once the payout is processed.
  • Good News: No Need to submit the invoice :)

NOTE: These steps are designed to help you seamlessly navigate the mentorship process within the SLE app. Effective scheduling, communication, and payout procedures will enhance the mentorship experience for both you and your students.


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