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It all starts with


STEP 1: 

Choose your School

Choosing your school and program are crucial as there many factors you need to consider such as cost, class size, and quality of teaching. This is one of the most important decisions you have to make as your time and money will be invested. 

STEP 2.1:

Get your student

visa started

The success of your application will depend on the completeness of your supporting documents. One missing document may lead to visa rejection. Review your documents before submitting your visa application! Read my journey on getting my student permit.

STEP 2.2:

Make a strong

Study Plan (SOP)

You are required to submit a "study plan" when applying for a study permit. This needs to be direct and concise. This is a guide on how to create a strong study plan.

STEP 3: 

Prepare for arrival

in Canada

After getting your visa it's now time to prepare for your arrival! Read the ultimate travel packing list and things to do before the first day.

STEP 4: 

Work while studying

Watch my video as I share with you my part-time jobs and salary while studying. I have here the minimum wage of different provinces in Canada.

After completing your program, Its time to apply for PGWP. This section will guide you through the process, and checking your eligibility.

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