Hi, I'm MC!

Just like you, when I was about to study, stay, and pursue my dream career in Canada, I did a lot of research on several online forums, websites, etc. I had many failed attempts, struggles, and lessons learned through my journey. It took me almost years to figure out and realized what I want in life. Right after a year of completing my business program at Nova Scotia Community College and traveling Canada coast to coast – we have finally found our home base and settled in the rainforest of Canada “Vancouver Island” in British Columbia. I took the leap and immediately started my mentorship business for international students and immigrants in December 2019. I started by creating educational videos on YouTube about studying abroad, career growth, immigration, and inspirational stories. I started sharing my journey along with my fellow international students, from being students to immigrants, as well as their professional and entrepreneurship journeys. 

What is SLE Planner?

The major problem for international students is that most information that you see on the internet is either irrelevant or inaccurate.  Interestingly, it wasn’t only me who is experiencing the same dilemma, there are thousands of aspiring international students struggling while they’re trying to navigate their career and life paths in Canada. The internet indeed helps me get where I am right now, but without the help of those people who I talked to before, I don’t think I can make it. These people that I called my “MENTORS” guide me to the right path in Canada. So, I created the first peer-to-peer mentorship platform for international students called “SLE Planner”.

SLE Planner made the steps clear and easy for international students to plan their journey to Canada. This will mainly help the students with career clarity, study planning, organizing their finances, and timeline. We utilized the technology to connect alumni students to aspiring students on one platform. All SLE student mentors are former and current international students so you get first-hand information from those people who went through the same journey and are currently enrolled and working in your chosen industry. 

Doubting yourself is normal, but letting it STOP you is a CHOICE. 

All of this was made possible because I took ownership of my life and goal. I refused to settle hence, I went all-in with my dreams.






2012 It started from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emmalyn "Mc" De Guzman is an Overseas Filipino Worker, worked in Dubai, a Nurse and Project Coordinator in United Emirates for 7 years. I started with the salary of 3000AED/month, I was trying to save up for something bigger.

2018 Then I found Canada.

Took me 1.5 years to research everything, no community, no youtube videos to access information about studying in Canada apart from CIC website. I started my personal blog "Pinay Dubaiyuki" to share my experience as I got approved for my student visa. 

2019 We made it and graduated with Honours! ;)

The 2 year program feels like 1 year program for us, it was quick but challenging. I am so happy that I graduated and also met my Fiance Felix. We both took Business Accounting at Nova Scotia Community College. Felix who is also an international student from Germany pushed me to start my Youtube Channel - Study Live Explore Canada. He gave me his old Linux camera - thanks to him!

2020 SLE Planner was born.

After graduation, I still have the burning desire to revive my blog, but to something powerful and impactful. I know how difficult to move and plan your studies to a new country. So I started SLE Planner with 1 student mentor,  1 Canadian school. We initiated giving free calls to students - giving them free advices about Life in Canada. At first, SLE Planner only gets 500 visits per month.

2021 We became Permanent Resident of Canada.

We finally got our Permanent Resident in Canada. SLE Planner also grew from 1 soloprenuer to 4 SLE team members, 1 Canadian school to 15 schools,  from 1 to 15 Student mentors, from 0 to 15,000 registered students, and SLE Planner have gotten 400,000 visits in 2021! It was a crazy year! :)

Meet the SLE team


Founder & Mentor
Business Accounting
Nova Scotia Community College, NS 


Mentor & Copywriter
Business Foundations
Centennial College, ON


Head of Admission & Design
Graphic and Communication Design
New Brunswick Community College, NB


Marketing & Student Support

Eric Jay

Admission & Student Support


Student Support


Web & App Developer

Our trusted

Maricel Agustines

Licensed Immigration Consultant
RCIC No.: R525720

Shauna Cole

Career Strategist and Educator
Creator of Career Interrupted

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