SLE Planner (Study Live Explore Canada) was founded by Mc Guzman in 2019. She was an international student at Nova Scotia Community College in Kentville, Nova Scotia. She is originally from the Philippines and the creator of the Filipino Community group "Pinoy Canada Student Visa".

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The goal of this website and the youtube channel is to help and guide future international students that would like to study and stay in Canada. 

"When I was about to study and stay in Canada, I did a lot of research in several online forums and websites and thought to myself, how great would it be to have one website that has all the information that I need, well organized, and with the possibility to even ask someone if I have specific questions. This is the reason why I founded this website. " - Mc Guzman

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Established: 2020

Business Number: ***** 1471 BC 0001

Meet our Mentors

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Founder, Content Creator & Mentor | Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia

Mc Guzman

Hi! My name is Mc Guzman. I am the founder of Study Live Explore Canada. I worked in Dubai for 6 years. After a while, I decided to move to Canada through the student pathway. I am the content creator of "How to make a strong study plan". My blogs (pinaydubaiyuki and iconnectstudents) helped a lot of students to get their student permit. I was an international student at Nova Scotia Community College and studied Business Administration-Accounting.  My partner and I drove across Canada in 2019 right after our graduation. I worked in Toronto for a few months and now residing on Vancouver Island. I have seen and learned the differences between provinces by actually working and living there!  On the side note, I also passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration exam in Canada. In that being said, if you are a nurse in the Philippines I can also help you through the painful process of the National Nurses Assessment Service (NNAS) - Canada.


Co-founder, Content Moderator | Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia

Felix Nolte

Hi! My name is Felix, I am originally from Germany and have visited Canada for the first time in 2011. Back then, I came on a working holiday visa. I worked and traveled in different provinces in Canada without the intention of staying here permanently. However, I just fell in love with nature and decided to come back in 2018 to study at the Nova Scotia Community College. After graduation, I worked in Toronto but decided to move and settle on Vancouver Island. Canada has a lot of opportunities wherever you go. I am now currently working in Sidney, BC and enjoy the nature here on the Island. If you love the outdoors, you should definitely visit Canadas West Coast. 


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