For Mentors:

How to set up your Calendly Account


Step 1: Set up your account

I will suggest to use gmail account o it can be connected to your google calendar and google meet later on for virtual meetings.

Step 2: Create your Event

  • Select "Create", and select "Event type".
  • Select One-on-One - one host with one invitee

Step 3: Set Event name and Location.

  • Event Name: 1Hour Mentorship with Mentor [your name]
  • Location: Connect with google meet if you are using google email, if not connect with your zoom account. 
  • Select Save and Close

Step 4: Set your Schedule

  • Select "Date Range" to "60 Calendar days".
  • Duration: Set to 60 minutes
  • Select "Set Custom Hours" and set your weekly hours.
  • Save and Close

NOTE: You can set your the schedule as your most convenient time. 

Step 5: Link your Calendly to your Mentor Dashboard

  • Calendly link: Go to event type and select "Copy Link".
  • Schedule: You can also check your schedule events in calendly
  • Copy and Paste the link to your Mentor Dashboard under Schedule.