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Testimonial of our students!


Enakshi Dey

Software Developer | India

Yeah definitely, after having a conversation with you, I am researching on all the possibilities that can help me to succeed in coming to Canada, going through all college websites and seeing from Where I can any suggestion are really helping, Thanks for talking with me....... Another thing I want to mention that your guidance was more like a true friend rather than just a mentor...thats the great thing about you...


Marcus Romero

Marketing | Philippines

My name is Marcus, and I would like to share a genuine and friendly service that I experienced on this website. At first, I thought this site was just one of the many deceitful groups who falsely assist poor ignorant aspiring students who want to come to Canada. However, I was wrong! When I received my first refusal, I decided to try and booked an appointment on their website for free mentoring. "I thought I would just try." Unexpectedly, I received a quick response to the confirmation of my booking from Ivy. During face to face mentoring with her, I have learned a lot on how to address my refusal points. I received practical pointers not only for my SOP but also to prepare my life expectations once I arrive in Canada, "which was helpful." This site and its members are credible; the service I encountered was productive and "free" that I could proudly say it is one of the reasons I got my visa approved on my second application. Thank you, MC and Ivy, for al the knowledge you shared. "Marcus"

Summer Icons Poster

Lj Cri

Niagara College | Philippines

I highly recommend everyone to follow her pages on Youtube, Facebook...she helped me a lot since day one because i don't have any information when i started applying to canada then i asked her the steps she helped me to get my admission letter easily in 3 weeks times. Her Youtube videos are really helpful guys subscribe and watch all her videos it will help you greatly. i have subscribed and everytime she post a video i will get on home screen of my youtube so i will write the informations she is giving us, as it helps a lot about plus she covers many topics life in canada, study permit....many topics. Thanks really for your help. God bless you

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