5 REASONS to STUDY in Canada 2023!

 Are you thinking about studying abroad? Are you in search of ways to expand your education and make a bigger impact on the world? Then Canada may be the perfect destination for you! As an international student, Canada offers rich resources, leading universities, top-notch education systems, great job prospects after graduation, and more. With everything this nation has to offer it's no surprise that so many students choose it as their destination for learning. Here are just a few reasons why becoming an international student in Canada is such a great decision:


Working while studying is a fundamental part of the international student experience, allowing international students to gain valuable work experience, develop important interpersonal skills and of course make enough money to manage living expenses. Our friends to the north have recently taken this one step further and have abolished the 20-hour limit for international students so that full-time international students can now work up to 40 hours in Canada every week. This incredibly favorable change is one of the many reasons why international students should strongly consider studying in Canada as it allows them to easily balance their studies with a comfortable income.


it's the perfect international study destination with a variety of benefits. One of the best in tax credits which allows international students to benefit from purchasing textbooks, tuition costs, and more throughout their studies. This incredible resource gives international students access to a vast number of discounts and can make all the difference when covering expensive university or college costs.

Sample scholarships
University Canada West - MBA Programs has 7,000 scholarship
Sault College - Engineering Student (Filipino) - 5,000cad scholarship
Niagara College - Post Grad Program - 2,000cad scholarship


Have you ever considered moving to Canada? If yes, then know that a big part of the decision should come down to their excellent health care system. Canada is an incredibly international country and this makes it particularly attractive for international students. The Canadian healthcare system offers an extensive range of services with no extra costs: from regular check-ups to long-term care, physical therapy, and emergency procedures. Not only that but Canadian pharmacies also offer competitive prices on prescription medications to international students. This means living in Canada comes with incredible peace of mind; you never have to worry about prohibitively expensive medical bills or not having access to quality medical care!


These international students are valuable contributors to their local communities and add a unique mixture of international cultures and ideas, creating a truly diverse society. To encourage international students to continue residing here in Canada after graduation

BC PNP for students as of 2022

Regional alumni: To qualify for regional alumni points, you must have graduated from a public B.C. post-secondary institution: 

• located outside of the MVRD  • that you attended while you were residing outside of the MVRD 

There’s never been a better time than now for international students looking at Canada as their home - let’s make it happen!


Canada is offering international students more opportunities than ever to study and live in the country. With their updated immigration plan, international students now have an easier path to permanent residency after graduation. Now more than just engineering, students can explore 16 additional occupations listed on the TEER system that are now eligible for express entry. 

Last year Canada welcomed over 405,000 newcomers - the most we’ve ever welcomed in a single year. The Government is continuing that ambition by setting targets in the new levels plan of 465,000 permanent residents in 2023, 485,000 in 2024, and 500,000 in 2025.

Whether you make the decision to pursue a career, further your education, or both, know that Canada will provide you with access to plenty of resources so you may live out your dreams. Making sure international students can remain in Canada is just another way this country continues to provide an amazing life experience. It’s time to seek out every opportunity and make Canada your home!

Make sure you start the process early so that you have plenty of time to gather all the required documents. And if you have any questions about program options and locations, don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance. 

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Each student has a unique story and something valuable to share - hearing these testimonials will give you insights into studying at a university in another country, suggest potential challenges and rewards, and show you that no matter where you are from or what your background is, there are others just like you who have succeeded in doing so. Read on for some amazing stories!


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