8 reasons why you shouldn't go to Canada

In this video we talk about 8 things that we think are important to know before you come to Canada. It is about the culture, the country and things that we encountered ourselves.

Being from the Philippines and Germany, we also come from different cultural backgrounds, which is why we see different things in Canada differently and talk about from our own perspectives.

Most of these might be common sense, but its good to be reminded we think so you are not disappointed when you are here ;)

This video should in no way discourage you from coming to Canada. Canada is a very open and friendly country and 95 % of the people are welcoming to immigrants and people from different countries. As it is a very multicultural place, especially in the big cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal there are lots of communities with people from all over the world.

In the end all Canadians are immigrants unless they are First Nations and Canada needs lots of good immigrants to support the economy and add lots of great value to the country.


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