All about Post Grad Work Permit (PGWP)


  • Completed a program in a Designated Learning Institution

  • The program must be at least 8 months long

  • Should be an in-class and fulltime student

  • Can only apply once in a lifetime



  • 1 year program = up to 1 year-PGWP

  • 2 year program = up to 3 year-PGWP

  • 2 yr accelerated program = up t 3 year-PGWP


Requirements to apply:

  • Forms

  • Passport

  • Medical - for the healthcare industry for instance

  • Biometrics (no need if you have submitted your biometrics for the last 10 years)

  • Job Offer - NOC A, B, 0 (Needed to extend your OWP and dependent's permit)

  • Proof of Program Completion, provide one of the following:


Things to know

  • For one yr program - submit the official letter

  • For two year program - submit the transcript from your school portal

  • You must STOP working once your program is completed (if you wanted to continue working, apply for PGWP right away to obtain the implied status)

  • Use your old GC Key account to apply for PGWP online

  • Renew your passport if the validity is less than the length of the PGWP

  • Take advantage of the 180 days grace period (take this time to rest, review for the exam, look for the fulltime job)

  • Apply for PGWP once you landed a job (literally the night before you start your fulltime job)

  • Processing time will take 90 days to 100 days (under implied status)

  • If planning to go outside Canada, apply for Temporary Residence Visa (TRV)

  • The expiration date of my post-graduation work permit is the date they approve my PGWP.

PGWP Timeline:

April 30, 2019 - Asked the registrar to update my transcript from in progress to completed

May 12, 2019 - Submit my PGWP

May 13, 2019 - Started my job, gave my CIC confirmation letter to my employed as proof of my implied status

Jul 27, 2019 - PGWP Approve

Jul 27, 2022 - PGWP Expiration