Calculate your PR points and get it less than 6 mos!



Express Entry is one of the common and quickest ways to immigrate to Canada. IRCC is committed to process the PR application in less than 6 months. This immigration management system is being used to invite skilled workers outside and inside Canada. In the past few months, IRCC is only inviting people inside Canada because of the pandemic, they are only inviting the applicants with provincial nominations (PNP) and Canadian experience (CEC), leaving the applicants under Federal Skilled Worker stream (FSW) out of the scene.

These people under FSW are mostly outside Canada. With this recent changes, the CRS cut off score crashed down from 475 to 445. This is good news for international students who is currently and/or have their one year Canadian experience almost completed. Reason why I am sharing this video for you to learn on how to calculate your own score, and take advantage of this recent changes. Keep in mind that this changes are only temporary, and once everything went back to normal, expect that the CRS score will climb up again.

Unfortunately, many of our fellow federal skilled workers applicants are still hanging, and patiently waiting for the next draw and praying that the boarder will open up again and everything will go back to normal again.