List of Schools in Canada that do not require IELTS!


How to waive your English Language Test


1. What is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)?

This is the most recognized English proficiency test being used worldwide. The cost of this exam is around CAD 300, with two years of validity. The minimum score required is usually 6.0 no lower than 5.5 in all bands. There two types of tests:

A. Academic - IELTS (for school admission, professional assessments, or licensing)

B. General - IELTS (For immigration purposes)

2. Can I use the GENERAL - IELTS for school admission

It's a case to case basis, some schools such as the University of Victoria and Lambton College accepts this type of test. Yet, better to check with the school if they can accept your General IELTS.

3. If I have the IELTS - Academic results, and my school can waive the English proficiency, is there any chance I can get a discount having the Academic one?

Possible. But this is again the discretion of the school. For example, Lambton College can give you up to $1,000 scholarship by having a 6.5 overall IELTS Academic score. Also, they change the policies, so better check with the school admission. But of course, having an Academic IELTS has an advantage, you have more schools to choose from.

4. I was able to waive my English exam to get my letter of acceptance (LOA), hence I am planning to take SDS (Student Direct Stream) program for my student permit, do I still need to take the IELTS?

Yes - SDS (Student Direct Stream) program is run by the IRCC, and one of the requirements of this program is to have an English proficiency test results. Unfortunately, You won't be able to waive your English in the SDS program. You can always go to Regular Stream where the English exam is not required.

5. I was able to waive my English requirement, however, my Letter of Acceptance is conditional, what does it mean?

You still need to suffice the requirements before the start of the program. In some cases, the school will offer you alternative options like taking the English Proficiency Test facilitated in their school. However, it's better to complete this requirement beforehand.

6. The school website says that I can waive my English proficiency, is this guaranteed?

It's a case to case basis, there are some programs that you still have to take the English Proficiency Test. It will depend on the program requirement (ie. Practical Nursing). Also, it's always better to double-check the school admission, or maybe go to the "English Language Requirement" page.

8. What is the document needed to demonstrate English Proficiency?

You need to provide the "English as a medium of instruction" issued by your previous institution. See below have here the sample letter:

9. List of schools that you can possibly waive your English Proficiency:

Seneca College - Ontario

Fanshawe College - Ontario

*Loyalist College - Ontario

Niagara College - Ontario

Conestoga College - Ontario

Fleming College - Ontario

Humber College - Ontario

Mohawk College - Ontario

Confederation College - Ontario

Cambrian College - Ontario

Georgian College - Ontario

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) - Alberta

Bow Valley College (BVC) - Alberta

Northern Lights College (NLC) - BC (Some programs only)

Selkirk College - BC

Vancouver Community College (VCC) - BC (Some programs only)

Okanagan College - BC

College of New Caledonia - BC

Coast Mountain College - BC

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) - New Brunswick

College of North Atlantic - New Labrador

Holland College - Prince Edward Island (w/ conditions)

*Cape Breton University - Nova Scotia (Some programs only)

*this list is courtesy by Glacerio Abayon. If you're interested to apply to these schools, let me know as I know some friends can help you waive your Letter of Acceptance - Fee.