My Cost of Living in Canada as an International student


Nova Scotia, Toronto, Vancouver Island - International Students


Apart from your tuition fee, it's important to consider your cost of living. We lived in Kentville, Nova Scotia for 16 months, three (3) months in Toronto, Ontario, and we just recently moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There are a lot of factors that could affect your cost of living. It could be your location, age, gender, lifestyle, and many more. But of course, the cost of living depends on your spending habits. If you are spending beyond your means then location and salary will not matter. I also tell my friends to change their food lifestyle. We should try to eat more veggies and cook at home as much as possible. I have here the calculation of my cost of living in Canada (for each province) and I hope it helps you to decide which province to stay.


  • 3 bedroom house: $870/month or Room is $320/month
  • Utilities: $300/month
  • Phone bill: $35/month
  • Food: $200/month
  • Car Insurance: $70/month
  • Gas: $120/month
  • Health Insurance:   Free after studying in Nova Scotia for a year. OWP free right away.

Ave. Total Expense: $745/month per person


  • 1B basement suite: $1550/month or Room is $400 - 600/month
  • Utilities: included in my rent
  • Phone bill: $35/month
  • Food: $200/month
  • Car Insurance: $250/month
  • Gas: $120/month
  • Health Insurance: Free after six months of working in Ontario

Ave. Total Expense: $1055/month per person


  • 1B Apartment: $1150/month or Room is $400-500/month
  • Utilities: $20/month
  • Phone bill: $35/month
  • Food: $250/month
  • Car Insurance: $120/month
  • Gas:  $130-150/month
  • Health Insurance:  Free after 3 months of working/staying in British Columbia

Ave. Total Expense: $955/month per person