NEWS UPDATE! International student can complete their entire program online from abroad and still be eligible for a PGWP.!

NEWS RELEASE 2021-02-21:
This is a new update from IRCC regarding the program delivery for international students this year and its future PGWP. Students can still get the PGWP even completing the program 100% online. However, you need to comply with the below measure as per the CIC website:
"These measures apply to all international students who
  1. are enrolled in a PGWP-eligible program
  2. began, or will begin, a program in any semester from spring 2020 to fall 2021, or whose program was already in progress in March 2020
  3. have a study permit or approval for a study permit, or applied for a study permit prior to starting their program and are eventually approved to meet all other PGWP criteria"

Therefore, when choosing the DLI school, please do double check if its eligible for PGWP, here is the link to verify it:

Please read the full article on the CIC website: