Exciting News for Internationally Educated Nurses who want to study in Canada!

We are excited to announce that the registration process for internationally educated nurses (IENs) in Nova Scotia has been simplified! As an IEN, you no longer need to go through the nursing assessment process to register as a nurse in Nova Scotia. 

I am thrilled to hear that, as of May 1, 2023, qualifying registered nurses holding current licensure in the Philippines, India, Nigeria, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to apply directly to the Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN) for RN licensure without applying to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). 


Eligibility Criteria
Have current licensure in good standing with one of the designated jurisdictions listed above.

Application Process
Complete an NSCN application.
Submit two pieces of identification.
Arrange for Verification of Registration (VOR) from your current regulatory body to be submitted directly to NSCN.
Submit proof of English Language Proficiency, if required
For nurses from outside of Canada, arrange for a criminal record check(s) (CRC) to be submitted directly to NSCN.

All applicants must successfully take the NCLEX-RN (if not already done so), however they may also be eligible to enter practice with conditional licence (CL) while attempting the exam.

This is great news for those of you who have been struggling with the nursing assessment process. Now, you can take advantage of this opportunity and apply for registration as a nurse in Nova Scotia. However, we understand that the process of getting your RN licensure can still be challenging. 

That is why we are here to help! Our team can assist you in searching for schools that can pave the way for you to come to Canada while processing and completing your RN licensure. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a registered nurse in Nova Scotia. 

With our support, we believe that you can achieve your dream of practicing as a registered nurse in Nova Scotia. Our team of proficient coaches in nursing can offer customized advice and support. We are committed to assisting you throughout the entire process and making your transition to studying in Canada effortless and triumphant. 

Here are some of the mentors that will help you make the perfect choice for you, click here to fill out an application and speak to a real human (ex-international student - Mc, and Dex) - and see if we're a fit to work together inside the SLE Premium Coaching Program.  

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