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SLE has built partnership with colleges, universities and secondary schools which are a Designated Learning Institutions across Canada. We also have connected thousands students to the industry thru student mentorship, and apply for you visa thru coaching or trusted immigration expert.

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We are commited to support aspiring international students in Canada.

Our coaching program is design to bridge the gap of your journey. We are here to guide you in every stage of your journey as international student. We help the students not just getting letter of acceptance from the school but rather have a meaningful career as they settle in Canada. 

#1 Career Clarity

Find the area of interest and skills that you can capitalize on in Canada. SLE specializes in academic and career advising that will help you get your first Canadian work experience and help you later for immigration (if that is your plan).

#2 Program Advising and Admission

SLE guides the student 1:1 when choosing the program based on their province of choice, job prospects, professional designation, and budget. We connected to hundreds of schools in Canada.

#3 Student Alumni 1:1 Mentorship

We believe that experience is the best teacher, our mentors are ex-international students currently working in the industry, it helps our students decide if their prospective career is suitable for them.

#4 Study Plan 1:1 Mentorship

In SLE Planner, we give the you the comprehensive guided workbook to help you write a COMPREHENSIVE study plan. This has compact questions and exercises to justify career progression. 

#5 Organizing your Finances

We help our students list the expected expenses involved in their studies. SLE Planner will give you the exact figures so that you can prepare your funds ahead of time. This will also help us find the best program that suits your budget.

#6 Organizing your timeline

We will prepare your personalized roadmap before coming to Canada. This timeline will show you the best time to request your documents (so they don’t get expire). This roadmap will help you get ahead of the game when coming to Canada.

#7 Private Community

Students often face many challenges when studying in Canada.  It is important to find a continuous support system, this could be mentors, or even safe communities.  Having a strong and safe support system in place will make all the difference when times get tough.

#8 SLE Planner App (Coming Soon)

Develop your mindset to succeed in Canada. The SLE Planner App 2023 will help you get focused and accountable towards your goal. This is the safe space where you can dump your ideas, and goals. Join our monthly interactive "Plan with SLE" live!

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As an SLE PREMIUM MEMBER you have the exclusive bonuses...

either you get a free assistance from us or pay a licensed immigration consultant. 

FREE Student Visa Coaching by SLE PLANNER

1 – SLE step-by-step course ft. Linkcan Consultancy
2 – Live Group Call support biweekly (Tue/Saturday)
3 – Personalized list of documents before submission
4 – Bi-monthly Webinar

NOTE: SLE is not a licensed immigration consultant, we can only share information based on our research and experience.

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Our partner independent Immigration Expert

1 – Legal consultation
2 – Student Visa Representation
3 – PR Application Representation
4 – Documentation and review

NOTE: Student is subject to sign a retainer contract with the independent regulated immigration consultant to be fully represented by them.

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Disclaimer: SLE Planner is mainly focused on career mentorship, and guiding the students to prepare them for studies in Canada. This is also a platform for international students to connect with fellow alumni students in Canada. SLE Planner is not a Regulated Immigration Consultant, could not in anyway represent the student in immigration. We do not give legal advice unless it's facilitated by an Independent Regulated Immigration expert. Legal representation is subject for consultation/retainer agreement from the Independent Regulated Immigration Consultant.

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GCMS notes - $25

The GCMS (Global Case Management System) is a centralized system used by IRCC to track status of all temporary (visitor, study or work visas) and permanent immigration, and citizenship applications.
Delivery time: 30-40 days

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