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Program Advising + Admission

How it works?

#1 Program Advising

Undergo our overall assessment for program advising. Students are evaluated according to their educational background and career path for choosing a program that fits them.

#2 Book a call with one of our SLE mentors

Our mentor will help you decide which province to pick, and insights about life in Canada.

#3 Admission

Settle LOA Deposit and register to SLE GROUP BOOTCAMP (if you meet the eligibility) or SLE 1:1 Premium Coaching from 0 to hero and get lifetime membership.

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SLE Canada started with mentorship in 2019 thru Youtube and Webinars (thanks to the power of social media). We aim to connect international students and immigrants with the guidance, knowledge, build their professional network that they need to strive in their career in Canada. Before you decide the program, hear it from alumni students who are ahead of you, and see if the career will best fit you. 

Meet our SLE Student 

Registered Nurse - Bridgewater, NS

Has worked as a Practical Nurse in Ontario and currently working as a Registered Nurse in Nova Scotia.
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Cleaning Manager - Cape Breton, NS

Mary formerly worked overseas in Dubai and currently on her 2nd term of study at CBU.
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Senior Accountant - Ottawa, ON

She moved to Canada in 2013 as a Permanent Resident. Currently works as Senior Accountant.
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Restaurant Manager - Vancouver, BC

Before moving to Canada, she has worked in Dubai and currently works as a restaurant manager.
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Licensed ECE - Regina, SK

Currently Rhod is working on his High School Teaching Certificate under the SPTRB at the University of Regina.
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Estate Administrator - Toronto, ON

On her PGWP and working for Bankruptcies and Proposals for corporate and individual consumers. 
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Med Tech Mississauga, ON

A permanent resident thru AINP-EE pathway and currently works as Med Lab Tech in Ontario.
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IT Coordinator Vancouver, BC

With over 10 years of IT industry experience and currently on PGWP with CEC EE profile.
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Municipal Officer - Halifax, NS

An OFW in Qatar before moving to Canada. Studied a 1-year program and now a Permanent Resident.
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Project Management and Professional Communication - Vancouver,  BC

Nikki is currently on her PGWP and working as an Assistant to the Executive Director.
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Account Manager - Dieppe, NB

Moved from Dubai to Canada in 2018. Ricey is an Account Manager with a Canadian company managing the domestic market.
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Systems Developer - Regina, SK

Currently working as a Systems Developer in Regina, Saskatchewan. For one of the known insurance companies in Canada.
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#SLE Student Mentorship

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Be the lead example and share your program and career experience & insights with an aspiring professionals in Canada.

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What we are looking for?

  1. Must be in Canada, currently an alumni of a Canadian School
  2. Easy to approach, reliable, hardworking and passionate 
  3. Provide guidance and help to fellow professionals
  4. With great leadership skills and a good mentor
  5. Promoting your career and program to aspiring international students 

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