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Registered Nurse - Conestoga College - NS

Has worked as a Practical Nurse in Ontario and currently working as a Registered Nurse in Nova Scotia. Conestoga College Graduate.
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Supply chain Management - Cape Breton University - NS

Mary formerly worked overseas in Dubai and currently on her 2nd term of study at Cape Breton University.
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Senior Accountant - Ottawa, ON

She moved to Canada in 2013 as a Permanent Resident. Currently works as Senior Accountant.
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Restaurant Manager - Fanshawe College - ON

Before moving to Canada, she has worked in Dubai and currently works as a restaurant manager. Fanshawe graduate.
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Early childhood - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - SK

Currently Rhod is working on his High School Teaching Certificate under the SPTRB at the University of Regina.
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Estate Administrator - Humber College - ON

On her PGWP and working for Bankruptcies and Proposals for corporate and individual consumers. Humber College graduate. 
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IT Coordinator - Lambton College, ON

With over 10 years of IT industry experience and currently on PGWP, and Lambton College graduate.
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Copywriter - Centennial College, ON

An OFW in Qatar and UAE before moving to Canada. Studied a 1-year program and now a Permanent Resident in Nova Scotia. Centennial College graduate.
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Project Management - McEwan University, AB

Nikki is grad of McEwan University and working as an Assistant to the Executive Director. Lived in Alberta and moved to British Columbia. 
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Account Manager - Dieppe, NB

Moved from Dubai to Canada in 2018. Ricey is an Account Manager with a Canadian company managing the domestic market.
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Systems Developer - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - SK

Currently working as a Systems Developer in Regina, Saskatchewan. Graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
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Business Administration - Victoria, BC - Camosun College

Currently working as a Software Implementation Coordinator in Victoria, BC with 15 years experience in project management, software implementation and application training.
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Business Management - College of New Caledonia, BC

Currently pursuing a Business Management Diploma at the College of New Caledonia and is employed as a food attendant at a Japanese fast food chain. She travelled with her cat, so you can ask her for advice on flying with pets!
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Business Administration - Lethbridge College, AB

Lee Ann has nearly one decade of experience related to Business and Marketing management and is currently in her 2nd term in Business Administration at Lethbridge College.

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International Business - Niagara College, ON

Came to Canada last December 2021. Has an accumulated 7 years of work experience in various roles - medical technologist, virtual assistant, video editor, retail associate, and now in banking.
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International Business - Conestoga, ON

Bianca moved to Canada as an international student in 2021 with her husband and currently working as a Personal Banker for the Bank of Montreal. 

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Health Information Management - SAIT, AB

Pam moved to Canada last 2019 as an International student with a goal of not just being a permanent resident but to attain professional growth in the field of medical coding.
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Hospitality Operations Management - Centennial College, ON
Proactive and organized professional with 8 years of experience as a Hotelier in Macau. Currently  working as Night Auditor in Marriott Hotel and Office Administrator in a Real Estate Brokerage.
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Heathcare Administration - St Lawrence College, ON
She moved to Canada in 2021 and after she completed her program, She started as a Sterilization Assistant and  Administrative support job in an entry-level position in one of the Dental clinics in Drumheller, Alberta. 
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Business Administration - UVIC, BC
Mariel arrived in Canada on Dec 2022 and currently taking DBA Program at University of Victoria. Mariel is grateful that there are many people who help and welcome him in Canada and he also wants to return by helping others.
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Master of Business Administration - UCW, BC
Melissa has worked as a general manager before she moved to Canada. She is currently studying a 2-year MBA program at University Canada West.


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Business Administration - SAIT, AB
Mel was a stay-at-home mom in Singapore for 9 years before moving to Canada to pursue her studies. Armed with both passion and persistence, she never stopped trying despite multiple refusals in the past.
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Diploma in Marketing - KPU, BC
Aura has been working as Administrative Assistant for over 5 years and is currently in her second term in Diploma in Marketing at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

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Hospitality- Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management - Centennial College, ON
Ankush came to Canada as an International student in 2016 from the Philippines and currently processing his Permanent Residency application while working as a Night Audit Manager at a hotel in Vaughan, Ontario.
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Interactive Media Design - Seneca College, ON
Lean loves to show her skills through innovating and designing. She utilizes various techniques and media in her work, including acrylic painting, watercolor, portrait painting, conceptual/mood boards, photography, 3D, and editing.
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Regulatory Coordinator - Regina, Sask
Joyce lived in the UAE for 15 years. She arrived as an OWP in Regina, Saskatchewan last September 16, 2022, and got a full-time job last October 18, 2022 as Regulatory Coordinator at CPA Saskatchewan.

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Business Administration specialized in Finance and investments (BC) - Financial Analysis (MFA) - Saint’s Mary University, Canadian Learning Language College -  NS
Samah chose Canada as her final destination to settle down and pursue her career goals. She obtained permanent residency in 2019 and currently leads a successful career as a financial analyst.
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Business Management and Entrepreneurship - Algonquin College, ON
Brian is grad of Algonquin College and working as an Shift Supervisor in Tim Hortons. He is a registered pharmacist in the Philippines with more than three years of experience in a community environment.


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