ALL ABOUT NOVA SCOTIA - read this before you decide to move!

Schools in Nova Scot Canada

About Cape Breton University!

We talked about one of the most affordable schools in Nova Scotia Atlantic – Cape Breton University. Many international students’ schools are looking for cheap universities so that they can study in Canada. Also, in this video, we dive into different areas when looking for affordable schools in Canada – these are the geography, economy of Cape Breton including the whole province of Nova Scotia. We also mentioned the cost of living, the BEST programs that you can take at Cape Breton University, tuition fees, and PR pathways in the Atlantic such as the Atlantic immigration pilot program, Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NS PNP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

About Nova Scotia Community College

Many aspiring international students are deceived by the easy permanent residency in the Atlantic, hence most of the students are not fully aware of the things they have to sacrifice living in the Atlantic. In this episode, Mark Mortel will be joining us again as we tackle the REASONS NOT TO MOVE to Atlantic provinces. Again, these are based on our own biases, and always take our advice as a grain of salt. I personally love Nova Scotia, but I have to let the students know the floss of the provinces before you decide. LISTEN TO THE FULL (UNFILTERED VERSION) on Spotify:

Mark and Phia are both Filipino nurses in the Philippines and recently got the residency through the Atlantic immigration pilot program – Intermediate stream. Mark studied Occupational Health and Safety at Nova Scotia Community College, while Pia came as the dependent common law and got the job as Personal Support Worker. In this video, they will walk us through their journey from being an international student to a permanent resident in Canada. We tackle their school and program, and the lessons they learned through their journey of permanent residences in Nova Scotia.


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